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5 Steps to Improving Your Existing Website


If you aren't quite ready for a completely new redesign of your website there are a few easy ways to step up your current website without the huge price tag. Below we have come up with just a few ideas on how to improve your website and keep it looking in tip top shape for just a little longer.

Ensure each website page follows the same design
A website can be instantly improved if the design is consistent throughout all of the webpages; this includes colour schemes, font sizes, typography and icons. This can make a website more accessible and the overall user experience much better. A theme can give a quick and clear impact to the user showing them what your business is all about and will give a great first impression. The best typography are often strong typefaces, it’s usually best to have no more than two fonts used throughout the site. Having a bright, saturated colour contrasting against a simple black and white background can create a classic, modern look.

Keep it simple.
Simple minimalistic designs will always be aesthetically attractive, functional and modern. Avoiding making a page too busy and including plenty of space between sections allows the user some breathing space without getting overwhelmed with information. You don't want too many items fighting for attention, you want the user to be guided through each section as their own pace. By keeping things simple and concise you aren't going to overwhelm the user, instead you can ensure they can easily find the most important information they need to know.

Rewrite the website content
Your websites content should ensure that users can easily find your company’s aims and reach what they are looking for on your site. By regularly updating with fresh, new content that will grip reader’s attention, you can get customers to return. This can also improve search engine optimisation. Regular content is good but lengthy content isn’t, it’s advised to keep areas of text on your site to around 500 words to keep reader interest and to look better on the page. It is also a good idea to include heading and breaks throughout the text to help break it up and make it easier to read.

If your website has a blog section we would highly reccomend regularly posting or if you do not yet have a blog we would advise most clients to consider one. By posting regularly it not only keeps your website up to date but also gives users a space to interact with yourselves or other users. On the more technical side, having a blog can give your site more links to social media,  therefore increasing your sites outreach.

Upload brand new imagery.
The images and photography used throughout your site will always be a main focus for users, keeping this up to date is ideal. By adding new imagery every so often you give your website a brand new fresh look, whilst also insuring images are portraying your brand as present.

Update the meta data.
By researching keywords you can find out what words will work best in improving your websites SEO and can optimise your websites profile increasing site traffic.When it comes to  metadata it’s always important to keep content concise to ensure it catches users attention. Updating this side of your website can greatly increase traffic to your website, especially if you SEO profile was not optimised when the website was created. 

Hopefully we have given you some easy tips to follow which can have a huge impact on your website. By looking at all of the above you should be able to improve your site traffic, keep customers coming back and ensure your website's content is always up to date. If you would like any guidance or personalised advice simply get in touch and we can give you a hand.



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