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How to effectively optimise your Facebook Business page


Social media should be one of the main ingredients of any marketing strategy. While many marketing techniques like pay-per-click advertising can be costly, optimising your company Facebook profile is free and will yield results. Using best SEO practices with Facebook is vital in order to maximise conversions; essentially, your Facebook business page is like your second home page.

Choose the right name

When you choose your name upon signing up for a business page on Facebook, that’s it – you can’t change it. So it’s absolutely fundamental that you choose the right name, which might sound obvious, but many businesses stuff their page name with keywords. If you can’t think of anything to add to the name of your business, just stick with the name.

Customise your unique page URL

When you register a business page on Facebook you get assigned an automatic URL in the form of a string of numbers. Don’t settle for this – customise it! Make it unique and easy to remember, while still reflecting your business. Not only will it strengthen your brand recognition, it will also hugely increase your page’s findability in the search engines and Facebook search.

Fill out your profile

It’s crucial that your bio, profile information, profile photo and cover photo are up to date. You’d be surprised how many Facebook business pages have incorrect information such as address and opening hours! Having a complete profile shows that your business has a professional attitude. Try and make sure that you’re consistent with your branding across social media and your website.

Your ‘about us’ section

You want visitors to know all the necessary details about your business, like where you’re located, what services you provide and when you’re open. Like an SEO meta description, you need this to be succinct and to the point but also apt and relevant. You also need to choose an appropriate category; are you a local business or place? Company, organisation or institution? Brand or product?

Sprinkle SEO keywords strategically

Even on social media, optimising for keywords is crucial. The name of your page roughly corresponds to a title tag, with the ‘about us’ section being akin to a meta description. Place important keywords here and they will appear in search engine results, but as with website SEO, remember not to stuff keywords in – try and make it natural and mention them in the proper context. Optimise your updates When you post a status update from your Facebook business page, the SEO title is pulled from the first 18 characters. So whenever you add content like a link or a picture, remember to include a description.

Call to action buttons

Everyone knows the importance of call to action buttons on websites, and now Facebook has introduced them to business pages, too. There are seven actions in total: sign up, book now, contact us, use app, play game, shop now and watch video. These buttons will appear next to the ‘like’ button at the top of your page

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