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The Psychology of Fonts


Last month we looked at the psychology behind colour and the effects various colours can have on consumer behaviour. (Take a read HERE if you missed it!). This month we're looking at fonts. Font choice in design is just as important as colour, if not more! Every font has a unique personality and can portray a certain tone of communication. Some may portray traditional values, others give a modern feel and some are bold and stand out.

Have a look below at the main types of typefaces used in design and the emotions elicited by them, along with some famous examples and our personal favourite fonts!




Serif fonts are the most classic choice giving the impression of an established, traditional company users can trust.

Serif Fonts

  • Emotions: Trust, Respect, Authority, Formality, Tradition, Reliable
  • Common Industry Use: Finance, Law Firms, Insurance, Consultants


Sans Serif


Sans Serif fonts are sleek and modern. They became most popular in the tech world and are often associated with the cutting edge.

Sans Serif Fonts

  • Emotions: Straightforward, Modern, Trust, Sophisticated, Tech Focused, Cutting Edge, Stability
  • Common Industry Use: Tech Companies, Start-Ups, Fashion Brands




Script fonts are elaborate and detailed creating a special look and feel aimed to elevate designs to be more elegant and sophisticated.

Script Fonts

  • Emotions: Elegant, Sophisticated, Fancy, Creative, Whimsical, Happy
  • Common Industry Use: Food and Beverage Brands, Fashion Brands, Children's Brands




Display fonts are made to be displayed at a large size, drawing the attention of the audience and standing out. They are usually on the loud side with big personalities designed to be amusing, friendly and attention grabbing.

Display Fonts

  • Emotions: Friendly, Bold, Unique, Expressive, Amusing
  • Common Industry Use: Children's Brands


As shown above there is a selection of emotions that come with various font styles. How we use this knowledge can be important in helping a brand succeed with the right audience.

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