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Wetherspoons Revolutionary New App


Pub giant Wetherspoons have just launched a free app, available on iTunes and Google play, which can be used to order food and drink without having to leave your table. While this isn’t new territory for pubs, it’s a huge step by the biggest pub chain in the country, with huge potential. But is it a worthwhile download, and what does it mean from a business perspective?

The app, called Order and Pay, lets you view the menu, order, and pay, without having to get up and go to the bar. After being released to beta testers and confined to a few locations, it was proven to be effective, and rolled out to the 900+ outlets around the UK.When you open the app, it will detect your location automatically, and show you the nearest Wetherspoons pubs to you. 

Wetherspoons App

Once you’ve selected the pub you’re in, you can then select the table you’re sitting at, and place your order. The app gives you the option to pay with a credit/debit card, PayPal or Apple Pay. The automatic system will also take any discounts or offers into consideration and add/deduct them automatically.

Wetherspoons App

The app has been described by Wetherspoons as an ‘innovative solution’ for everyone from large groups of friends, business meetings and families with small children. One argument against it, by some Wetherspoons staff, is that it will encourage laziness and take away social interaction between bar staff and customers. On the other hand, though, for many customers the app will massively improve their experience, being able to bypass queues. The app will also potentially be ground-breaking from a business point of view, too; the technology will create a much more streamlined experience for staff working behind the bar and in the kitchen.



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